NEWS NOTE: June 25, 2016

It has been a bit of a struggle, but I think Depot is pretty much back to the "Old Depot" that Jim and I started. Much of the standard items are back to their normal levels, and one of our "Early Buys" is due in next week.

We are currently rebuilding the database after a crash of our salesbook and inventory computers, while under a "trusted" members supervision. Though a lenthly process, I am seeing progress, with a little help from my friends.

On a personal note, family issues seem to be leveling out, and that is a good thing.

Now if I can get my part time help up to speed, life will be good.

Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: April 09, 2016

It has been a hectic week for us here at Depot. Personally I have had to deal with family health issues other than my own. So our hours were a bit eratic.

We have some additional help to cover for each other, which makes for a more comfortable environment for everyone. I have decided that it is better to have several persons working a shorter schedule, than one trying to cover everyday. This means open again on Wednesday.

I got in about 15 cases of hobby stuff this week, so there must be something for YOU!

Jim and I spent most of Saturday checking stuff in, so most is on the shelves.

Not everyone here is going to be as knowledgable as you had come to expect, but their devotion to assure our future success, I feel, makes up for it.

As always, I remain open to comments, both good and bad. If you think you have something to contribute, I am willing to listen. Email me at . . . If you want me to phone you, leave a number and I will as time permits. I will continue to deal with health issues that take up most of my day, but will increase my presence at Depot as available. Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: March 26, 2016

Well, here it is a day before Easter, and I am back at Depot.

The sun is shinning, and I am happy to be at my desk, greeting old friends and acquaintances.

Jim is busy checking in the 50 plus freight cars from Bowser and Accurail, and I am working on our next order of Walthers structures and wheeled accessories.

Shelves are still not back to what they had been, but I am confident that we are on our way.

Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: March 05, 2016

I'm back! It appears that I will be forced into an early return to Depot.

The good news is that it is nice to see how much we sold during the Christmas season.

The bad news is, we now have our work cut out for us to get everything back in stock and on our shelves from suppliers who might also be facing shortages.

Yesterday we got in Vallejo paints, some armour, ship, and air models, hobby tools and finishing supplies, Kalmbach books, & Woodland Scenics.

I expect to see the rest of our paint order(s), as well as auto and truck models next week.

A restock of rockets and rocket engines will be coming soon, as well as a restock of HO & N trains.

I am planning for G large scale items to be here about the beginning of April.

Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: February 23, 2016

It's A nice Sunny day in Cleveland.

Life at Depot has been a bit chaotic over the last year or so. We have lost some associates who had been valuable to our operations, but we endure.

Anyone who has stopped in, is aware of my absence as I continue to deal with health issues. For those that care, I am definantly stronger than a year ago, and feel confident I will be back sometime soon, if only on a part time basis.

Rest assured that through the miracle of technology, I have the ability to do on my laptop, everything I was able to do at my desk. So, through Internet, I am never that far away. I am excited to see what this year will bring, as I endeavor to bring Depot back to the level it was several years ago. . . . . as always, Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: April 11, 2015

Well, Spring is here. Sun is shining and all is right with Depot. We have plenty to do, and lots of new stock to get in as available.

Hope you have fun with your Spring cleanup. Try to save some time for modeling and railroading. Remember, we are here for you, to give advise and supply your hobby needs.

Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: March 23, 2015

This Sunday coming is Palm Sunday for Christians. It is traditionally the last Sunday we are open for this season. We will open Sundays again closer to Thanksgiving.


NEWS NOTE: March 08, 2015

It's Sunday, the SUN is shining, and it is cold. BUT we ARE OPEN for business 12:00 to 4:00. Roads around us look pretty good, but watch out for the potholes. The last freeze made some real problems for road crews.

Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: February15, 2015

It's Sunday, the SUN is shining, and it is cold. BUT we ARE OPEN for business. Roads around us look pretty good. Went to Church and Breakfast with no problems, so come on in!


NEWS NOTE: February14, 2015

"WE will be closing at 3:00 Saturday Feb.14th due to weather conditions.

The safety of you and our people is of main concern. Stay safe!

We hope to be open tomorrow, but the best thing would be to call before you venture out in case we need to be closed. 216-252-8880 . . . 12:00 to 4:00 "

Tim Bosak

Check out our " Snow and Cold, Bad Weather Sale" on the Promo, What's on Sale page.


NEWS NOTE: December 23, 2014

We at Depot wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best for the coming year.

We are as busy as ever. Be assured that we will continue to restock through the Holidays, as well as after Christmas.

For us, we can have a January as busy as December as customers add to their gifts. If you don't see what you need, just ask. We order nearly everyday, and it is no problem to add your items to our order.

We try to order Walthers on Tuesday, to get it in for the weekend. But that only works if they have it in stock. Plastic model orders go in constantly, as we order from several sources, and often try to abide with minimums to save on shipping.

If "you" are a local modeler and don't know what we stock by now, shame on you . . . The competitive modelers do . . . that's why "they" win the contests.

We are now OPEN SUNDAY 12:00 to 4:00

We will close a bit earlier on Christmas eve. and New Years eve. call 216-252-8880

We will be open and have regular hours Friday and Saturday after the Holidays.

On a personal note: My good friend and colegue Mike Kelly (Forest Green Landscaping) passed away in October. I worked with Mike on many Garden RR display projects. We go back to my snow plowing days, and he was one of my original printing customers. We will be missed by everyone who knew him. He remains in my thoughts and prayers.

as always, Tim Bosak


NEWS NOTE: December 02, 2014

It has been a busy Season here at Depot.

We are now OPEN SUNDAY 12:00 to 4:00

We continue to get new items every day as we try to keep our stock up for Christmas.

We are aware that many of our suppliers are trying to get by with a lower than average stock on hand. In this market that is a smart way to stay in business. We as well, are ordering with greater frequency in lower quantities. DO NOT WAIT! What we order, and what is available is sometimes disapointing. We have more sources than most other hobby shops, from the East to West coast and use them all.

As always, special orders are always welcome.

"Just a note to those who have stopped in when I was not there. I am in fact alive and well and living in Cleveland.

as always, Tim Bosak"


NEWS NOTE: July 17, 2014

We welcome the NMRA members and convention participants to Cleveland and Depot Train.

Just 10 min. from downtown Cleveland, and on the way to the airport, we are an easy stop while you are in town. Just look for a large 1914 Victorian farm house at 4342 W. 130th., that's us!



NEWS NOTE: April 24, 2014

We are now CLOSED SUNDAYS. We will open Sundays again after Thanksgiving.

We have a new Vallejo paint rack with "lots" of paint. If you have not tried or heard about it, come in and talk to Dean about a great product.

New "stuff" coming in every day, much of it going out soon after arrival. Stop in frequently for best selections.


NEWS NOTE: February 10, 2014

We are open SUNDAYS, as of 12/01. Our hours are noon to 4:00.

We have new inventory coming in every day. If you need to be assured of getting the item you want, Pre order it! We do not intend to get in every item produced, but will if you want it, and let us know, It is that simple. Call 216-252-8880 and talk to Dean.


NEWS NOTE: December 03, 2013

We are open SUNDAYS, as of 12/01. Our hours are noon to 4:00.

Plenty of inventory on hand. Come in soon for the best selection. Some items are not going to be able to be replaced when sold.


NEWS NOTE: June 24, 2013

Well seems Depot Is going kicking and screamin' into the "now".

Dean got us started on a facebook page, and Michelle and I are going to try to bring Depot into a more modern setting. With that in mind, I am working on a more user friendly website for customers who are not "hard core" hobbyists . . . . As always, Tim Bosak


"Old News"

NEWS NOTE: February 15

What can I say about cleveland in Winter. It's been cold, but we have been doing our best to have HOT deals for our customers!

Check our web site for DISCOUNT COUPONS, as well as your e-mail, for special discounts for customers on our e-mail list.

Not on our e-mail list? drop me a line, and I will add you. If you signed up and have not received anything from us, let me know. I get about a dozen bounced back every mailing, yours could be one.

Revell is having a National Model Contest. As part of it we have added about 75 auto model kits to our stock of over 300 vehicles. In case you forgot, we still carry after market detail parts.

As always, we are doing our best to keep our stock up to our normal levels. If I do happen to be out of an item, bring it to my attention. I will get it in for you promptly (that means within 7 days), if it is currently available.



NEWS NOTE: December 21, 2010

What can I say about the Christmas Season! Stuff is coming in every day. No way to possibly keep up with What's New, so you have to check the inventory to see what is currently in stock.

We have the best stock in this, or any other area, 30,000 items.

Some train sets are running low, but we still have at least 10 different Lionel Sets, and a decent supply of HO, N, and Large Scale (LGB) sets on hand.

As always, our plastic stock is replenished constantly.

On the outside chance, I don't have it. I'll order it for you.

We have orders coming in every day!


NEWS NOTE: October 11, 2010

Well, it seems that Summer is comming to an end. Modelers start thinking about projects for the Winter. We, here at Depot are READY! We got some great deals on Plastic Models that have been, and still are on Sale.
Note: If you did not get the e-mail, and "Discount Coupon" you are NOT on the e-mail list!

To fill the void left when Hobby's Etc. closed, we are stocking more Doll House items. We just got in about 100 new accessories, and more are coming.

As always, we try to have more Plastic Models than anyone. New Auto's, Ships, Armor, and Aircraft come in nearly daily.

We just got a restock of Walthers 933 Buildings.
If they make it, chances are, we have it, a
nd at the Sale price Advertised by Walthers!
(On the outside chance, that it is not on our shelf, I 'll order it in for you, at the Sale Price.)

New in, Magic Water for making streams, lakes and ponds. We also got some of the pond liners to complete your model scene.

(by the way: If you are looking for the real thing, check out Forest Green Landscaping, just up the street from us, for Pond Supplies and installations. Mike and I have worked together for nearly 30 years. He is also your guy for Garden RR installations!


NEWS NOTE: August 06, 2010

It is hard for me to believe that so much time has passed since I wrote the last "News Note". I know many of our customers are affected by the local economy, and we are trying to do our best to contain our costs to be able to stock the largest selection possible.

To that end, we have just received three (3) pallets of hobby stuff, getting ready for the coming season. All of the new Lionel Train sets are either here or on pre order. For the most part, selection has never been better. We finished inventory, and are restocking for Fall/ Winter.

We have added Z gauge items to our lines of trains. Not a lot, but it is a start. We will see what the interest is.

We have a great selection of Rockets, about 40 different ones.

We have a nice stock of Dollhouse kits, 15 as of last count.

Our Plastic department was thinning out a bit, so I just got in about 100 car models, about 50 plastic ships, and about 100 military and aircraft kits.

As always, a restock of paint, glue, tools, and scenery.

If you are not on the e-mail list, YOU SHOULD BE! Some discount coupons this year were up to 30% off retail on everything, other than Sale, Special, and Pre orders.

No one beats Depot at taking care of customers!

In case you forgot. We are a "Direct Dealer" for: Micro Trains Line, Kato, Athearn, Aristo, Model Expo, Kadee, USA Trains, Historic Sales, Digitrax, Stevens, ConCor, MMD, Bowser, City Classics, Precision Scale, Weaver, Dragon, State Tool, and Walthers to name a few of our significant sources. This gives us another way to get items, when the wholesale distributors do not stock an item, get short shipped, or simply run out of product.

This is a changing industry. Many manufacturers do not make items until they have sufficient pre-orders. Though we may get in many "New" items, reorders are not always available, especially in railroad items.

Manufacturers don't want to stock them, and distributors want to even less. It becomes first come, first get, sell them out, and move on. I know this happens everywhere.

A lot of our incoming stock is pre-ordered and reserved. If you see something advertised that you know you want, let us know. It is the best way to avoid disappointment.

"If it can be had, I will get it for you." I just opened an account with River Point Station for one customer that needed vehicles, that they had. We will stock some of their items soon.




NEWS NOTE: December 31, 2009

Look forward to a new "PLASTIC PROGRAM" at Depot Train and Hobby.



NEWS NOTE: July 23, 2009

Well, spoke too soon, now we have rain!

We just got in a restock of Paint . . . Testors, Floquil, Poly Scale, and Tamiya.

We got over 500 Bottles, Spray Cans, and Thinners. We have got stock!

We also got a restock of Airbrush and Finishing Supplies. Most everything is posted on our site.


NEWS NOTE: July 20, 2009

Well, the weather is fine, Summer is here!

For most Cleveland's, it's time to be outside. But, not for Depot. Now is the time for us to restock for the coming Season.

We have gotten in nearly 4 pallets of fine "Hobby Merchandise". For us, that's a lot.

From Walthers, every 933 structure, that we were out of, is now in stock. Easily fifty plus, that's a lot!!!

We got in Rolling stock, Engines, Track, and any other accessory you would expect us to have.

In Plastic, we have not been sitting still. We got Semi's, Autos, Aircraft, and Military from nearly every significant manufacturer.

We also have the latest Sci-Fi kits you have heard about . . . on hand and available.

I know, most are aware of the significant stock of Action Figures we have on hand. Well, I have set aside an area to display them all . . . Over fifty different items.

# # # # # # # # # #

Last . . . I have a clearance on paint . . . some new . . . some open . . . all at the price of 1.00 each. Take a look, take a chance . . . all are "as is" but, for a buck, you can't go wrong. (In store sales only)

Just keep in mind. I can only list the significant items, we stock over 30,000 items. Check our database, or stop in, to see what is currently available.


NEWS NOTE: March 16, 2009

Just wanted to thank all of our customers that stopped by the Kato booth at the World's Greatest Hobby show at the IX Center, Saturday or Sunday.

Depot provided additional sales help to Leon, from Kato, though we declined having a booth of our own.

We have a 15% discount on the entire Kato line through the end of March.

Be assured that we will continue to stock, and have the greatest selection of "N" track, and accessories all year long. A restock is already on order. As always, if we don't have it, a special order is only days away.


NEWS NOTE: December 27, 2008

News from Märklin, Inc.

Märklin / Walthers Distribution Agreement

New Berlin, Wisconsin … Märklin, Inc., the North American subsidiary of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, has appointed Wm. K. Walthers, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin our exclusive distributor for LGB products in North America.

Walthers will handle sales, warehousing and distribution of the LGB product line effective January 1, 2009. In addition, Walthers will provide warranty and retail service for LGB products, and will stock a full assortment of LGB parts.

Märklin, Inc., New Berlin, Wisconsin will provide marketing and product / technical support to Walthers and the North American market.

2009 LGB New items will be announced in February at the Nurnberg Toy Fair.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Depot Train & Hobby is a Walthers direct authorized dealer!

So, we will be restocking LGB as available.
Keep in mind, we order from Walthers nearly every Monday.


NEWS NOTE: December 04, 2007

Just a Cold Winter day in Cleveland.

Guess what, Christmas is here. Hard too believe, isn't it!!!! We have been trying to keep-up with the new stuff, and if you look at the "WHAT'S NEW" page you will see plenty of new stuff. But now that the Holiday Season is right here-and-now, we are running around like crazed little elf's, so we may get behind here and there with this web stuff. So please be patient with us.

If you should have any questions please feel free to give us a call. Always happy to talk to our "fans".

Now, as far as products go, you will see that we have stocked up for not only the Holiday season, but also for the hobby season. We are in pretty good shape with the usual supplies of paint, tools, glue, and the like, as well as all the things needed for your field of interest. Keep an eye on the "What's New "page. Watch here for more updates to follow.

It is hard to believe that Winter is moving right along. I am sure there are still a few more snow days ahead, time to find a nice place to stay inside and hobby.


NEWS NOTE: January 20, 2007

Just a Cold Winter day in Cleveland.

It is hard to believe that Winter is moving right along. I am sure there are still a few more snow days ahead, time to find a nice place to stay inside and hobby.

I have set aside an area for Specials on both the main and lower floors. I intend to Special different items each week, typically at a 20% discount off Retail. So, if you are looking for deals, try to stop in each week and have a look. For the next few months we are open 7 days a week, before we cut back to our normal 6 day a week hours.


NEWS NOTE: December 31, 2006

Just a Rainy Winter day in Cleveland.

It is hard to believe that the year is coming to an end. I just want to thank all of our loyal customers and suppliers, who have made this another successful year for us, here at Depot.

I want to take this time to wish all of you a safe and prosperous New Year from all of us here at Depot Train and Hobby.

Keep an eye on our Sale page, as I find inventory that has been here too long, or does not fit our revised product mix. We intend to work harder on strengthening those lines we find to be our core profit centers, and eliminating slower moving lines.

I expect that this year we will be adding some 500 images to our on-line product listings. I have added staff to deal with improving our web site and eliminating excess inventory through on-line specials, and e-bay auctions. Check this page for the latest news!

Just a reminder! We stock Train Sets and railroad items 12 months a year. We always have Trains, track, and accessories for your layout!.


NEWS NOTE: August 28, 2006

Just a Rainy day in Cleveland.

Summer coming to a close, kids going back to school. How about some hobbying?

Whether you are into plastic modeling, trains, dollhouses, or anything else in the world of "Hobby Stuff" we have got you covered !!! Plus, there has been a lot of neat new stuff that has come in recently. Make sure to check out our "What's New" page from time to time. We just received the new 2-8-4 Nickel Plate Berkshire with DCC and sound from the good folks at LifeLike, aka (WALTHERS). This is their PROTO Heritage line and is just fantastic!!!

For you aircraft guys, we received from Hasegawa, the new tooled P-400 Aircobra. Armor kits from Dragon, AFV, and Academy are making big news, doing subjects that have been long awaited. Call, or come in, and see Loren for the latest news,

We picked up some CLOSEOUT model kits, from some out-of-business sources. Check our sale page regularly, and stop in for the best selection. The really good deals, go fast, sometimes before we can even get them posted. So it helps to stop in, just to check on what's new, especially Italeri.

Dollhouses, we now have about a dozen in stock, from ready built, to easy build, to complete kits. We have wall and floor coverings, paint, and home furnishings. We are adding to our selection regularly. We can and do, special order, for our customers, when we don't have what is needed. Use this link to go to our dollhouse inventory.

And of course the Lionel Seasonal items are due soon, as well as, more G-gauge, so hop on board the big DEPOT TRAIN & HOBBY, where "IT'S ALWAYS an ADVENTURE". Also want to remind all you kind folk to check out the sale page for really great deals on new and special purchase items. That's all! 10-7


NEWS NOTE: July 11, 2006

Just a Sunny / Rainy Summer day in Cleveland.

We have been adding inventory to our database as it arrives. We have nearly every LGB track accessory in stock at this time. The rolling stock keeps rolling in, new items as they are released. Check with us, if you are planning on adding USA Trains products to your railroad. We stock and Special Order USA Trains.

Hey, unless you are not paying attention, there sure has been a lot of plastic coming in here lately. Be sure you take a look at the "what's new" page. And there is even MORE stuff coming!!! Zeros, Wellington's, Saratoga's, AND so much more!!! So stay tuned...

If you are local, be sure to stop in to see our Wall of Modeling Accessories. We have gathered all of the items you need to produce that award winning model and put them in one place. We have also added a shelf of What's New, so you can see at a glance the items that just came in this week. A suggestion from one of our valued customers, proving that we really do care and listen.

"Here Yesterday, Here Today, Here Tomorrow!" TM

Depot Train and Hobby . . . 1-888-253-8880


NEWS NOTE: June 29, 2006

Just a Sunny / Rainy Summer in Cleveland.

I just got back from one of our local Hobby Distributors that has decided to close. It kind of feels like losing a member of your family. They were one of our first suppliers nearly 25 years ago. That was when WE were the new kid on the block. You kind of look to your old suppliers as you would to a parent, expecting them to be there for you. So as much as we hate to see them go, our customers will benefit from some really great deals.

We are in the process of stocking up on any of those obscure items that were hiding on their shelves, as well as any close out items we have found. So look for these items on our web site, as we pillage their inventory. We will be bringing new and restock items in for the next month or so.

LGB was closing out a number of their discontinued products and we bought a few of every one. They are going fast in the store, so if you are interested stop in or give us a call.

We are starting to stock more of USA Trains. You can see them listed on our web site, as well as on our sales floor. If there is anything that you need, let us know as we can easily add to our regular orders.

Just got in about 35 kites in various sizes. Check the inventory for listings.


NEWS NOTE: May 30, 2006

Could it be Summer already? Well it's HOTTT! At least it is in Cleveland, this week.

We have just started to receive our Winter stock. It seems that in the "Hobby Business", you order your December stock in April and May. So, much of our train inventory is at an all time high.

Lionel is coming in as released. In stock LGB has already arrived, and New Items are coming in as released. Our stock of track and related accessories has never been better. Check the inventory to see what is on hand currently. We are doing our best to post new items to inventory as they arrive. Though sometimes the shear volume of "stuff" gets ahead of us.

We have replenished our stock of Walthers buildings, as well as many of the New Walthers and LifeLike items. We are stocking our Lifelike products to a deeper level than usual due to the fact that stock is limited to Walthers on-hand inventory, now that LifeLike is part of Walthers.

We continue to dominate the market with our selection of paint and related products. We are proud to stock the following lines for your modeling and railroad needs: Tamiya, Gunze Sanyo, Testors Model Master, Poly Scale, and Floquil, Humbrol, Life Color, Allclad, MIG weathering powders, as well as New Creations Doll house paint.

Along with the New Plastic Models, we are keeping up with the latest detail parts to finish your model. Remember if you model Armour that we STOCK: Aber, Eduard, Jordi-Rubio, Verlinden, CMK, Fruilmodel, Cavelier, Model Kasten track, Custom Dioramics, Lion Roar, Voyager, Warriors, Royal Model, Jaguar, Wolf, Tamayi, Mig, ResinNation, and Calibre 35.

If "you" are a local modeler and don't know what we stock by now, shame on you . . . The competitive modelers do . . . that's why "they" win the contests.

We are continuing to stock more detail parts for Aircraft to follow our increased demand.



NEWS NOTE: March 03, 2006

Just got to love the "HOBBY BUSINESS".

Just when the competition thought they had us beat, we found a new way to save you $$ dollars $$.

We have cut the prices on the newest models that have come in to the best ever. As we search for new sources, and press our old ones for the best deals, we are committed to passing the savings on to our loyal customers.

No One in Cleveland beats Depot. Best Prices, Best inventory, and Definitely Best Service in the industry . . . And of course the Best Customers!!!

We have started with our main line which is PLASTIC MODELS, and will be lowering our prices as we are able, on many of the NEW RAILROAD locomotives and rolling stock.

As always, remember we can special order any item that is currently available. We receive new shipments nearly every week day of the year.


NEWS NOTE: January 31, 2006

Winter in Cleveland. Cold and a great time to be "hobbying".

Seems like a perfect time to be in a nice warm house building a model kit or model railroad.

This is the time of year for our continuing inventory. It is also a great time for bargain hunters, as we find items that we would rather not have in stock. This year we are looking to knock down our inventory of Traxxas T-Maxx parts, and some of our 1/43 die-cast cars.

One of the last comments I made was the start of our DOLL HOUSE department. Well, we are on our way with a half dozen houses on hand as well as furniture, accessories, paint, wall covering, carpet, and more ! Check our inventory or come in to see what is new! As always, if we don't have it, we can get it for you!

We have added Die-Cast Aircraft to out pre-built military department. These are nicely made 1/72 aircraft from manufacturers like Dragon, and 1/100 aircraft from Model Power. If you are collecting the 1/72 Dragon Armor, you might want to consider this as your next acquisition.

We have received a number of Action Figures from Dragon, in the last few months. Many are still in stock, some that were in limited quantities are obviously gone. Check our database for the most accurate listing of items and quantities. The latest is the 6th Anniversary Luftwaffe FLAK Gunner with 2cm FLAK 38 anti-aircraft gun. (That is a figure and gun).

Of course with the advent of Winter, we know all the train folk are busy working on their layouts. Keep in mind that as always, we have an excellent supply of track, in all gauges, and all the goodies to go with it. The new Lionel 2006 Vol. I catalog is in stock, so make sure to get one (all you Lionel fans). We also have a lot of rolling stock, locos, buildings, and building kits, in HO and N gauge. Our stock of "G" track from LGB and Aristo is as well stocked as ever, and we have a decent supply of the LGB accessory and repair items (smoke stacks, track rail joiners, motors, power connectors, etc.). Stop by to see what's new, and if you don't see what you need, ASK!.

PS: We have some excellent values on a group of LifeLike N gauge locomotives. Make sure to see them when you stop in.

We have also been restocking the Rocket Department in anticipation of a big year for model rocketry. There is a good bit of new items in route, so keep an eye out for these here on the what's new page.

In our Plastics Department there is just a whole lot of new stuff !!! There have been so many new kits and accessories that have come in, that you need to check out your favorite department. However, I will highlight a few "Biggies" here (drum-roll please). From the Big "T" [Tamiya], we have received a very nice 1/48 P-47M Thunderbolt, and a all new 1/35 Sturmgeschutz IIIB with interior. Dragon Models has released in 1/35 their kits of Sdkfz. 251/2 Wurfrahmen 40, as well as the Sdkfz. 251/17 D with 2cm. Schwebelafette. Also, new from these guys is the 88mm FLAK 37 3-n-1 kit. This is a very nice kit of a late war gun. Revell-Monogram released a newly tooled kit of the Spirit of St. Louis which is just a beautiful model of this historic aircraft.

AMT/ERTL has been re-releasing some of their classic kits so you car guys need to watch these for your favorites.

Now as many of our loyal customers know, we get the "new stuff" in as soon as they are available "Stateside". We also have an extra incentive for you guys who pre-order with us. If you don't have time to stop in, just give Loren a call, and he will put you on the list.You need to know of a couple of kits I think will be "HOT", so get those pre-ordres in on these!!! First is the 1/72 scale GATO class sub coming from Revell of Germany. Next is the 1/35 scale German W.W.II Locomotive from Trumpeter.And I have just learned that they will be producing an all new 1/350 H.M.S. HOOD. Please give us a call to place your order for these and many other new models coming.


NEWS NOTE: September 06, 2005

Summer coming to an end. Back to school.

Seems like a perfect time to be planning your next modeling project. The train season is starting up, as is the modeling one.

This time of year is particularity busy for us, as we are stocking up for the coming busy season. Not that it really ever slows down that much in the Summer, but Winter is when things are really jumping here.

Just came back from the Cleveland Air Show, so there is always renewed interest in aircraft models at this time of year, and we have them for you. At last count we had over 400 different aircraft models in stock.

We continue to stock and restock the 1/72 Armour prebuilt models from Dragon/ DML. At last count 40+ on hand with new one coming out as released, and older ones as we find them. We are still considering which lines of prebuilt aircraft we want to feature, so suggestions are welcome.

We have been carrying doll houses for some time in a small way, and intend to stock a more significant amount in the near future. Check the what's new page to see what arrives.


NEWS NOTE: July 22, 2005

Summer in Cleveland!!! You've just got to love it.

Seems like a perfect time to be modeling in an "air conditioned" basement or hobby room. "Seems like I just said this about Winter, only it was too cold, instead of hot."

As always, in July, we are working on inventory. This is the time of year we start getting our Winter stock in for the season. Yes, I know it's July. Hard to think Christmas when it is in the 90's.

The most significant NEW item to take note of is the "What's New" section of our main index page. We are listing all the new items as we post them to the database. What this means to you is, I can have the new information on our site within seconds of receiving and checking it in. This does not mean it is listed in the inventory, but I can get it on the "What's New" page instantly. SO, if you are wondering if that new aircraft is in yet, just check . . . if it's here . . . it will be there, and the SALE price will be there too.

Regarding other news, we have already received a nice size shipment from Walthers, with about a pallet of merchandise still due over the next few months, as they receive it.

We just sent an order in to LGB to bring our track supply back to what I consider right. If it is straight, curve, or turnouts in Euro style, we should have plenty of it. As always, we stock TRAINS, TRACK, and ACCESSORIES all year, every month, every Season, for your building needs. I expect this replacement order to be here by the first week of August.

Your new model railroad ------- STARTS HERE!------ at Depot Train and Hobby

It's hard to list all the new items that have come in, that are plastic kits. But, now that they are listed on the "What's New" page, I don't really have to. I have kept the old lists up, so you can page back to see what has arrived over the last week, month, or back to the first entry.

NEWS NOTE: January 17, 2005

Winter in Cleveland!!! You've just got to love it.

Seems like a perfect time to be modeling in a "heated" basement or hobby room.

As always, in January, we are working on inventory. That means we will have the database as accurate as it gets.

We typically use this time to rid ourselves of overstock and unneeded items. There is no better time to SAVE on all your hobby needs

OK, you probably are wondering what is new and going on. Well, here are a few of the HOTTIESSSSSS !!!!!

From Tamiya, the all new F-16 Fighting Falcon in 1/32 scale !!! What can you say except "damn nice". A triumph in injection molded elegance!!! ( I love this stuff, but then I don't get out much, since that BIG Lionel train fell off the shelf and hit me in the head . . . but that's another story) And we have it at the great Depot price of $120.00!!!

Tamiya has also brought out their 1/48 scale Tiger I with die-cast metal hull. For you track heads looking for something different, this is nice.

1/48 F3D-2 Skyknight from Czech Model is finally in, and a big hit, at $49.95 retail price, on sale at $40.00!!!!

Those guys at Dragon Models has done yet another Sdkfz. 251. Who would have thought!!! It is the 16 Flammpanzerwagen ausf. C version. They give you a choice of hulls and a lot of extras. All for the sale price of $26.00 right here at Depot. Academy has two new kits out, a 1/35 M4 Sherman Marine version and a really nice 1/12 Project Mercury capsule that is very, very nicely done.

OK train guys, if you have seen our sale page you know we have been selling the Lionel HO engines at GREATLY reduced prices. And if you haven't seen our sale page, shame on you. Great deals can be found there on all kinds of stuff.

We have all the new Lionel Fastrak in stock.

We also received a shipment of Large Scale track from LGB, as well as from Aristo. Both companies have informed us that price increases are in the near future, so there is no better time to get your track. We had a banner year with LGB, so we decided to use some of our profits to restock before the price increase. We are selling many of our of LGB train sets at 20% off during the remainder of January. Check our web page, or stop in, our selection has never been better.


NEWS NOTE: October 04, 2004

Fall in Cleveland!!! Seems like a great time to be hobbying

Just a brief note, we have the MIG line of weathering pigments in stock as well as some of their detail sets. Also, we are carrying a new magazine/book called Xtreme Modeling. This is, I believe, a quarterly publication. This is a "MUST HAVE" for all you track-heads. Great articles, and "how to" photos. Also, I should mention, that Jim Mesko has a new Squadron book on the US M2/M3 half track due out in October. We will post a time on our web-site when we will have a "meet the author" book signing (probably late Oct.) So stay tuned!!

We just received a stock of Broadway Limited locomotives. All we have are listed, and all are at great prices. Priced to SELL. Check them out, and keep checking . . . because we intend to keep getting more, and have them at the best prices around.


NEWS NOTE: September 04, 2004

Summer in Cleveland!!! Seems like a great time to be hobbying

It's a Great Time to be in the Hobby Business!.

As we start getting ready for the coming Winter season, our inventory has never been better than it is now!!! We are getting all of the NEW items, as well as a restock, of the items that we may have run out of. And of course, there is always new stuff to talk about, so we will cover some of them here.

Let's do TRAINS first. We have gotten a lot of BROADWAY LIMITED locomotives, and we have sold most of them. However we still have an ample supply at sale prices. Keep an eye out as they come in, or you may also pre-order the one your looking for. WALTHER'S has issued many new items in rolling stock, as well as buildings. We have been trying to keep up with them as close as possible. MICRO-TRAINS "STATE CAR" series has been a big success and we have a few of these available, as we order extras for the customers new to the series. However, not every one is available so, check our inventory, or give us a call. All of you "TRAIN GUYS" know about the Athearn and Model Die Casting sale to Horizon Distributors. Many of you have been asking what is going to happen with these lines here at the "GREAT" DEPOT TRAIN & HOBBY. Well, all we can say for now is that S_ _ T HAPPENS, and you better get it while we've got it !!!!! A lot of these two product lines are on SALE so you better hurry!

At this time, there seems to be enough new products from the other manufacturers who see this as an opportunity to get a larger share of the train market. We are increasing our inventory of those competing brands, so our stock of kits and "ready to run" has never been better.

And with that, I will move on to R/C. We have added many of the very popular "Park Flyer" R/C planes. These are very popular with the novice flyers, as they are electric, easy to learn to operate, and are a lot less expensive than the traditional gas powered planes. You can get into one of these for as little as $100.00 and some batteries, or up to $350.00, for the more exotic planes. Also in R/C we have the new Traxxas, REVO. This is the latest & greatest thing in R/C trucks!!! As always, we have sail boats, and are expecting a new line of entry level helicopters near the end of the month.

Next, action figures. What can we say, they just keep rolling in. The latest news is the next in the DML "SOLDAT" line will be a British Paratrooper, circa Arnhem 1944 (A Bridge to Far). Expect arrival late October.

Let's talk paint. (OK) We are now handling the "LIFE COLOR" range of acrylic paints from Italy. If you read any of the European modeling mags you have heard about this paint. It is a very extensive line of Federal Standard matched paints, and the word from our locals using it, is that is GREAT !!!!! When it comes to paint, no one comes close to the selection here at Depot Train and Hobby, (Tamiya, Gunze, Testors, Model Master, Floquil, Poly Scale, Life Color, Allclad, and Humbrol)

Also speaking of finishing products, we have the MIG weathering pigments in stock, as well as the weathering sets. Good stuff ! We are also stocking "Strip-It" paint stripper, and Rustall weathering solutions.

OK, now we talk PLASTIC!!! Without getting into each and every kit, let me say that we have been getting just about everything that has come out as of late. We also have been selling the new stuff at a greatly reduced price from retail, as many of you know. So, when a new kit comes out look at the "NEW" listing for your favorite, and its' SALE PRICE, and don't mess around, get it before it's gone. All the major players (Trumpeter, DML, Hasegawa, Italeri, Revell-Monogram, Tamiya, Etc.,) have new products in the works, and these will be arriving as time goes by. Should you hear of something you want, let us know. We will get it for you. So keep checking back, and I will try to keep you up to date. Hopefully this will be on more than a yearly basis. (Well, we have been busy). Most of all, stop in, and mention the web site, we always like to here that someone is reading this. See Ya!!! Depot

P.S. We just got in from HPI their electric R/C cars. These are really nice, and have everything in them, and are ready to run. Also, we are taking special orders for the up coming ATOMIC CITY 1/12 scale Mercury Space Capsule. This is going to be a highly detailed model in and out, that you can decal as all the project Mercury Capsules. This kit is over 2 feet tall, detailed cockpit, retro pack, escape tower, astronaut figure, and more. Imported by the good folks at MRC, this kit is due out in October and will retail at $69.98. If you pre-order from us you will pay $50.00 plus any tax and shipping. So if this is your cup-o-tea let us know, and we will get you on our pre-order list. Thanks again. DEPOT



NEWS NOTE: August 23, 2003

Summer in Cleveland!!! HOT days, power outages, water shortage.

Seems like a good time to learn modeling by candlelight.

Well we're off and running with Dragon Models "Leopold" rail gun and it is a BIG hit. Speaking of BIG models, we just received Trumpeters F-105 Thunderchief kits, in 1/32 scale. The D and G versions are both available, and it looks great!!!!! Also just in from these folks is the 1/35 German Faun tank transporter which is great for all you modern armor builders. We also just received the 1/48 scale T-387 Talon from Sword, which includes a nice bag of resin goodies.

Revell-Monogram just released a 1/25 59 Chevy Hardtop as a 2-n-1 kit.

In rockets we got in 4 new kits from the folks at ESTES. They all depict actual rockets used by our military. These are some really nice models of real rockets.

And so as not to leave-out the train crowd, we recently got in from Broadway Limited their new HO models of the famous Pennsy GG-1 locomotive. These are available in 3 choices of colors, green,silver, and tuscan. These models have all the goodies, of course, this fantastic company has become know for.


NEWS NOTE: May 01, 2003

Sunny days? . . . Flowers in bloom, daylight during dinner and the drive home. Could Spring be coming to Cleveland???

Time to fit hobbies in, along with the yard work. Sure, everyone needs a break.

So what's new? Plenty! And we have it all. Everything new, comes to Depot.

New kits from AFV, Tamiya, Hasegawa, and others. All new AFV, M3A3 Stuart tank features a metal gun barrel and markings for various export versions. Tamiya retooled the Krupp Protze truck, added a crew and the 3.7cm gun and it is a winner!!!! Hasegawa retooled the F-8E Crusader kit and it is really nice in 1/48th scale. They also re-boxed a few older kits with new markings and these are worth a look. Hurricane MK.-I, BF 109G-10, Typhoon mk.I, T-80UD, and others.

From Roden, we just received the Gloster Sea Gladiator, Dragon's "Winter's Onset (near Moscow 1941)" 1:35 figure set, and Revell's, the S-100 class German Fast Attack Craft in 1:72 .

From Revell is a very nice 54 Chevy Panel that looks to be "sweet", and AMT has FINALLY re-released the 70 Chevy Impala. Everyone has waited a long time for this one!!!

For you N gauge guys, we have some Kato, Rail Diesel Car sets in stock. These are really nice and we may put a package deal together on these (call for info). And of course, we have the new "State Car" series from Micro-Train Line. If you want to be assured of getting yours, please pre-order now. We are adjusting our standing order to accommodate new customer orders.

Also, we have pretty much all of the Estes line in stock, for all you Rocketeers.

And, we also have the new Dragon Action Figures coming, so check out the action figure page for new arrivals. That's it, at ease, as you were !!!


NEWS NOTE: April 02, 2003

Sunny day? . . . Could Spring be coming to Cleveland???

Our nice day, bad day weather has many of us unsure as to whether Winter could possibly be nearing end.

Well let's see if we can talk about, our favorite topic, hobby stuff. In aircraft, it appears that there will be some new (old) kits. Hasegawa reworks the 1/48 F-8 Crusader, Tamiya is doing a 1/48 Do-335 with wing cannon, and Revell-Monogram is doing some re-do's. We have been handling the ICM line of 1/48 aircraft and doing nicely with it. These are nice kits at real nice prices. In military Dragon (DML) has retooled the Nashorn and these are very nice. Also their 1/35 Morser Karl keeps selling out when we get them. The T-55 tank from Tamiya also has been doing very well, as well as, the Pershing and Marder III M. Detail sets are available for all the above, in stock or arriving. A good amount of 60's & 70's muscle cars are now available from AMT and Revell-Monogram, so check them out. It is getting warm and we have a good supply of Estes rockets in stock as well as R/C park-flyer planes and boats, so you can get a jump on your summer fun now!!!!!


NEWS NOTE: February 26th, 2003

Too much snow?, too cold?, too yuk? . . . Must be "Winter" in Cleveland???

Sound familiar, the word in Cleveland lately, seems to be "too"!! Different season, still too much too. . .

For the "treadheads" among us, Dragon has just released their new 60cm Morser "Karl". This is a big kit with lots of nice detail. For the first release kits, there is a bonus of an aluminum mortar shell included. Tamiya has recently released their Marder III -mid engine version. There is a lot of nice detail as we can expect with Tamiya. Also just in from Tamiya is the T-55 Soviet tank. Very nice! We have also begun carrying the ICM line of military vehicles. These kits are moderately priced and have a lot of detail for the price. Their line includes prewar and early war Soviet tanks.

For the "Airedales", there are some new kits also. We have added the ICM line to our stock. They include some nice kits of W.W.II Soviet and Allied aircraft in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Like the tanks, these kits are nicely priced. We have also picked up some new kits from Amtech, Revell of Germany, Monogram Pro Modeler, and Classic Airframes among others. We now have many SuperScale decals in 1/32 and 1/48 scales in stock. These decals cover W.W.II as well as modern jet markings.

For the car folks, AMT/ERTL has released, or re-released a lot of car kits that we now have in stock. While SJS Details has ceased production, we have a good supply of stock in house.

New Dragon "Action Figures" are in, and others are on the way. These include German, American British and Russian troops with many varied weapons and uniforms.

In the train department, we are now carrying USA Trains SD40-2 and GP38-2 engines in G Gauge. The LGB Toy line is soon to be delivered, coming arriving in the next few days. The new Lionel 2003 catalog is in stock. Bar Mills signs are in stock for N, HO and O scales. These are large rooftop wooden signs for your city scenes. The Broadway Limited HO scale Hudson is in. These steamers include an incredible sound system in the tender that fills the room with sound. The Walther's HO Budd passenger cars are here. Check the web page for deals on selected roads.


REVISED March 09, 2003

The LGB Toy Train items are here. These are easily the most affordable way to get into Large Scale Trains. We have a considerable selection of sets, locomotives, and rolling stock, as well as the track to put them on. The track is compatible with all LGB and Aristo track items, and can be run with any LGB item in the regular line..

Check all categories for new items, as we finish our physical inventory.


NEWS NOTE: October 24th, 2002

Too rainy?, too cold?, too yuk? . . . Must be "Fall" in Cleveland???

Well the weather is getting perfect for "stay at home" modeling, so here is the latest.

From Italeri the long awaited DUKW has arrived and is a very nice kit. Well worth the wait. Also new is the Panzer I A from Tristar. This kit comes with Model Kasten track, Photoetched muffler grills, and two very nice figures of a Panzer crew, early war.

Due in, very soon, are new kits from Tamiya and Academy. From Academy will be the US Stuart tank. The British Honey was a huge seller and we expect the same success with the Stuart. If you don't have it on order, you better hurrrrryyyyy!!!!!

New from Tamiya, is the Marder III (PAK 40). This is the first time this has been offered in plastic. This will also sell out fast. Get your orders in!!!!

Also coming from Tamiya in aircraft, will be a new P-47 Thunderbolt. This will be a "hotty" for sure.

For you aircraft fans take a look at the aircraft inventory. There are some old kits back in stock. Make sure you check it out.

What can we say if you are a Corvette fan!!!! Thanks to AMT for releasing all of those great "VETTE" models. Time to build that kit of your favorite fiberglass dream car, reissues of kits long out of production.

New rocket kits have been announced by ESTES, and we have them on order. Hope we see them soon. Speaking of rockets we are still waiting for E, F, and G motors from Aerotech Hopefully we will be seeing them soon.

And yes we do have the latest mini R/C tabletop racers from "Microsizers" For a complete listing look under the R/C inventory. These are going to be the "HOT TICKET" for the Holidays!!!!! We have them in stock and on display. So, come in and try one out for yourself.

New Dragon "Action Figures" coming in regularly, stop for a look-see.

TRAINS > > >What can I say about the trains we have gotten in?

We have every Atlas "N" item of rolling stock that our local distributor had in stock, plus our regular stock, which was significant. In Micro-Trains, we get in a pre-order monthly. So if it is new, we have it. We are also stocking the new code 55 track in "n".

In HO, we got in over 100 new items from Athearn and Atlas. We are trying to keep up with the new items as they come out. Check the database under the category you need to see current stock. There are too many items to list in the newsletter.


NEWS NOTE: August 23rd, 2002

Too rainy?, too hot?, too dry? . . . Must be Summer in Cleveland???

As you can see by the pictures, the book signing by author, and good friend of Depot Train & Hobby, Jim Mesko, was a "HUGE" success. His latest book entitled, "Pershing/Patton Tanks in Action" (Squadron Publications) has been well received, especially with Tamiya release of the M26 Pershing kit. Mr. Mesko signed books and answered questions for all the "Tread Heads" in attendance. A great time was had by all. We may do this again with Jim, on the release of a future book. A big "THANKS" to Jim.

On a quick note there are a few new items here of note, AFV CLUB'S M41A3 Walker Bulldog. This is a real nice kit, complete with metal gun barrel. Also recently arrived, is a very nice kit from Gavia of a Lavochkin La-7 with Professional Accessories (WHEEEEE)!!! Kidding aside this is nicely done with photo-etched parts and canopy masks.

We are still waiting for Italeri's DUKW, but am guessing it will arrive in the fall. So stay in touch for further announcement on that.

We also got in A LOT of stuff over the past couple of weeks (three pallets). It has been added to our on-line inventory so please have a look. We are planning to have a in-store sale the beginning of September. For those of you who live close by (Oh you lucky folks) you should make it a point to stock-up on winter supplies. You know the winters are long and cold here on the North Coast. (OK maybe your not that lucky). So make sure you stop by and see us. All for now. Have Fun !!!


NEWS NOTE: June 10th, 2002

Is this really Summer in Cleveland???

The good news is the "weather" is perfect for modeling, trains, and other things you do when its too hot or rainy to be outdoors. The better news is there are plenty of new products to work with. Well summer is finally here, so it is time to do that "summer-type stuff".

As you might have guessed by the amount of new items added to the database and our shelves, our physical inventory is done and most lines are being restocked with NEW items. For us, it's a great way to clear out old merchandise, to make way for the new. With shipments coming in daily, there is always something new here, each time you stop!

We carry Traxxas T-MAXX trucks and the assorted stuff to go with it.

Also, it is time for all you rocket modeler's to stock up on launch hardware. We stock most of LOC Precision's product's, so consider us for your next launch. We understand that Aerotech should be turning out some motors soon, and to that end we have already entered our order.

The latest craze seems to be the "Park Flyer" R/C airplanes. These are smaller electric R/C planes that can be flown in "smaller areas" < i.e.: parks :-} >, and come pretty much complete. They are perfect for the novice who wants to get into R/C without spending big dollars and a lot of time sanding and gluing. We have several in stock starting at a retail price of $130.00. We also carry supplies such as chargers, batteries, and upgrades.

Of course, for you folk who build models year 'round, there are new things coming soon. Academy is due to release a Stuart/Honey tank in 1/35. Italeri has the DUKW coming soon. In aircraft, Hasegawa has a new 1/48 Arado 234, as well as many due out shortly.

There are loads of new stuff coming for you model train fans, as many of you have read in the model train publications. If you see something in a magazine please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call and we will try to fill you in with the info we have. We are trying to keep up with all the new items as they are released, however, we order limited quantities. Though we may get an item in, we often find them sold out on the second or third reorder. If it is important to you, pre-order it. We maintain pre-order lists on most product lines that we carry. It adds to our buying power, and always saves you money. We do offer incentives for pre-ordering. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know.

Please note: "WE DO" participate in all of the WALTHERS Sale Programs. If you are going to order it, we are happy to add it to our order for you. If you pick it up at our store, you will save the shipping charges and usually get it, just as fast, or faster. We place orders most Mondays, and receive our shipment by Friday. In the Winter season we order several times a week from Walthers, as well as from other hobby sources daily.

Our business revolves around you, so if we can be of help, let us know. Have Fun !!!!



NEWS NOTE: April 24th, 2002

Could warm weather really be here to stay???

I started the last newsletter with the on again/ off again "Winter" weather, now it seems we have

the same weather this "SPRING".

But I know you are much more interested in what is here, so here we go!!!!!

For all you armor folks, the much awaited Panther A from DML has arrived. This is a very fine kit with (would you believe) full color assembly instructions!!!! What will these people think of next!!! Also we have the new Alan kit of the Sig 33 Bison.

We have added a few new lines for your enjoyment. Among these are Grand Phoenix with their release of the "Fairey Firefly" in 1/48 scale. The quality is very nice. Also we have had great success with the Amtech line. Their TA-183 has been well received as well as the P-40 "Warhawk" that just showed up. We also are in the process of adding the line of Nemrod figures. I understand these are very well done.

For you Hasegawa fans we just got the Marco Polo Advanced Scout kits in. You can check them out on the Marco Polo page. We hope to have the box covers up on site soon.

Also I want to mention that we are taking pre-orders for the upcoming Italeri DUKW and the Tamiya Marder III. I am not sure of the retail prices as yet, but we will be offering a savings of 25% of the retail price if you pre-order. Just send a e-mail order and we will let you know when it arrives.



NEWS NOTE: January 18, 2002

Winter in Cleveland???

Our on again/ off again "Winter" weather seems to be continuing here in Cleveland.

It would appear we are back to cold here for at least a while.

Our physical inventory is under way, and we are bound to turn up some items that have been hiding in those remote corners of "Depotland". We will be posting them on their regular page, as well as on the "SALES/SPECIALS PAGE", if appropriate. As usual, we try to have items that are normally, hard to find or discontinued, to add to the current stock of regular hobby/ modeling items.

We have seen lists of new items coming from the various companies, but it would seem that they are still arriving slowly, due to the events of 9/11. So even though a new item has been announced, please be patient.

New in armor, from Italeri, the "LVT Alligator" and the "Opel Blitz" w/wood cab. Also from Italeri is the reissue of the "M-7 Priest". New from Tamiya are two "Sherman" versions, one with the 75MM gun, and the other with the 105MM. As always, with the big "T", these kits are very nice!!! Academy has released the British version of the "M-10, the Achilles". Their new "M-10" kit is due to arrive soon. The big news is that DML is doing an all new "Panther A" model, and AFV/CLUB is doing the "SDKFZ. 11" half-track. We have both of these on pre-order, so keep an eye on the inventory, as we will be adding them as soon as they arrive.

In aircraft, we have seen the new Hasegawa "MESSER. BF109G-6" and it is real nice. This as well as some other new kits from these folks should be in very soon. We also have the new "TA-183 Huckebein" from AMtech on order, and we should see these soon.

In model cars, we have been getting new items, as well as reissues, when they are released . Here again, keep an eye on the inventory pages to see what is new.

There has been a lot happening in the Train Department, as this is the season to be railroading. New rolling stock, locos, buildings, and detail "stuff" has come in, in all shapes, sizes, and scales. Also we have the new items from Woodland Scenics, Athearn, and Lionel. W/S new products to simulate water, are really great. They also have new realistic foliage for making trees. This is very nice stuff!!!


NEWS NOTE: October 17, 2001

Could Fall possibly be here, already???

It sure seems that way here, in Cleveland.

With current events in the world, being what they are, keep in mind that many things are moving more slowly right now.

Here are a few new items that you might find interesting. From Academy, the long awaited "ACHILLES" is in stock. This kit is very nice, with a detailed interior. Classic Airframes has released their first version of the Lockheed Model 14 HUDSON Mk.I, in 1/48 scale. A very fine kit that can be built as a civilian or military aircraft. Italeri has released a 1/48 Me-262 A-1A. It looks to be a real nice kit, could be ex. Trimaster/DML kit all in plastic. And from the good folks at Tamiya the very large, very highly detailed, 1/32 Japanese A6M5 ZERO. This is just a beautiful kit. All you have to do is supply the glue and paint, everything else is here!!!

From our good friends at LOC/Precision a really neat rocket called "CYCLOTRON". At a little over 56" tall this rocket uses small tubes for fins. A great design that is really cool!! And as you rocket people may know, Estes has come out with their new E series motors and has re-released the large V-2 rocket converted for this motor. This promises to be a great pairing.

In the way of trains and stuff we have in from BOWSER GLA hopper cars in HO. They are available in undec., circle keystone, shadow keystone, black, and Berwin coal. Also in stock, Athearn Genesis 60' box cars, in HO. These are beautiful ready to run pieces. In N-gauge we have new Atlas rolling stock coming in. These are equipped with the new Accumate knuckle couplers that are Micro-Trains compatible. And as usual all the restocks of stuff we have been out of. Remember we get "STUFF" everyday, and as always we are happy to "SPECIAL ORDER" for you. The Walthers Coke Plant that has been out of stock, just came in and is now available.

All for now. Happy Modeling!!!


NEWS NOTE: July 03, 2001

As summer ? has arrived here in Depot (Cleveland), so has some of the new stuff!!!

New from ICM is their 1/35 PANZER II-D. A nice kit with individual track links. In from SKYBOW, in 1/35 scale is a very fine U.S. 1-1/2 ton personal carrier truck. This is a very nicely done kit.

For you airplane guys, we have the CLASSIC AIRFRAMES 1/48 Grumman j2f-1,2,2A,3,4 DUCK. This is a kit that has been a long time coming and worth the wait. In the MARCO POLO Advanced Scout program, we just received Hasegawa's 1/48 Nakajima B5N1 Kate. This is the early version. Also Hasegawa 1/48 F-86F-40 SABRE J.A.S.D.F. Both of these are the usual high quality that is the standard of HASEGAWA. From Ampersand Publishing we have their new book "Engineering and Recovery Vehicles". This a great book for you armor guys!!! It also appears that we have restocked all of the paints, glue, & tools as usual. (I know this, because , I saw the bill). We have also brought up to our normal stock, most of the car kits, Hudson & Allen accessories, Estes rockets, and accessories, as well as other lines. Also, I understand, we have a new DML Action Figure on the way!!!

NEWS NOTE: May 20, 2001

As our on-again off-again winter/spring in Cleveland comes to an end . . .

and summer approaches we start planning for next years busy season.

With this in mind, we are working on clearing out all of the old and forgotten items that have accumulated in our warehouse. We will eventually put them on our sale page.

We have selected a digital camera (Olympus 3040), so I hope to be adding new images during May and June.

NOW on with the good stuff!!!!

From the folks at POLAR LIGHTS we have the long awaited C-57D Starcruiser, from the movie FORBIDDEN PLANET. This kit is 1/72 scale and has a full interior!!! This thing is BIGGGGGGGG!!!!! Retail price is $44.99. From the good folks here at DEPOT, for a limited time, it can be yours for $30.00 (plus shipping & handling).

In model cars, we have the AMT 701/2 Camaro Z-28. Also in Camaro's, from Revell/Monogram, comes the 69 Baldwin-Motion. Both are nice kits, and should look great right from the box!

In aircraft, we have the Tamiya 1/48 Nakajima Irving. This is the late war version, with the oblique firing guns in the back. From Classic Airframes, we also have the 1/48 scale Curtiss P-6E Hawk. This is a very nice kit that comes with markings for 2 versions.

In armor, we have a few new things. From DML, the 1/35 Kettenkrsd w/ Puppchen. A very neat kit with individual track links. Also a new figure set and their U.S. paratroopers in Operation VARSITY 45. From Tamiya, the (we've been waiting long time) MARDER III. The guys at the big "T" have really outdone themselves on this one!!!! The kit will be a show winner right out of the box. Also, we have their new German Field Kitchen set. This goes great with the old set, or do it as a stand alone diorama.


NEWS NOTE: March 20, 2001

We have finished our inventory and have posted some new items

that were hidden in back corners of our warehouse . . .

I find it amazing that we can always find something that was lost every time we do a complete inventory. We get an incredible amount of items in during the course of the year, and occasionally they never make it into our web database until we do a complete line inventory. So its a good idea to check from time to time to see what's new, as we restock our inventory from the seasonal rush. New items actually do come in daily and we post them as received.

We are still a Marco Polo Advance Scout Dealer, so check that page for NEW items which are posted the day we receive them. Most are at a special web price and the ones we do not want to stock are at a very competitive price on our SALES/SPECIALS PAGE.

We continue to maintain one of the LARGEST INVENTORIES of Dragon Action Figures, both current and out-of-production, in addition to Cotswold Elite Brigade, G.I. Joe, and the newest Bluebox Toys Elite Force.

We have a considerable stock of out-of-production STAR WARS and STAR TREK models produced by AMT/Ertl. Check our inventory for items that you can not find anywhere.

We are now the LARGEST area dealer for our newest line of Advanced Rocketry Kits and Components . . . LOC/PRECISION. Our intent is to stock the entire line. Should we be out of stock at any time we have made arrangements to have it within 48 hours. Check our Rocket pages to see the extent of this line. At this time we DO NOT ship rocket motors.


NEWS NOTE: November 18, 2000

Most of the new items for Christmas are coming in daily . . .

Check our web site regularly to find new items as they are posted.

We are trying to keep up with new items as they arrive. If you do not see the item you are looking for, please call or e-mail us to see if we have it in stock. Of the 30,000 items we have on hand, only about 20,000 are posted on our database at any given time. If you live in, or are visiting the Cleveland area during this Christmas season, be sure to stop by and see our "Large scale display" of trains at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo. We have a limited supply of complimentary tickets available to customers stopping in and asking.


NEWS NOTE: October 18, 2000

Just a note, to let everyone know what has been happening in DEPOTLAND. . .

As we get ready to go to the National Model and Hobby Show in Chicago, we are concerned where the hobby industry is heading. With so much emphases on e-tailing, and mail order it becomes difficult for a click and brick to chart a direction that is best for our company, and for the diverse customer base that we have. I hope, as a leader in this industry to be able to satisfy our store customers as well as our growing international web base, with the best values in the marketplace. Our goal will be to find the newest products at affordable prices that afford us a reasonable profit and give our customers the diversity they have trusted us to provide at DEPOT TRAIN AND HOBBY.

Look to this page and our Feature section for coming items that are the newest and most affordable as we strive to be the only hobby source you will ever need.

REMEMBER. . . We are a full time hobby shop with over 30,000 items in stock, for immediate shipment.

If we show it. . . chances are . . . we have it!!!



NEWS NOTE: Sept. 14, 2000

Just a note, to let everyone know what has been happening in DEPOTLAND. . .

It has been some time since our last NEWS NOTE . . .Though . . . as always . . . the future continues to move on in DEPOTLAND . . .Our efforts to keep us the best stocked Hobby source in this, or any other Galaxy, sometimes stresses our resources to the limit.

New products have been coming in faster than we can put them away. We are working on getting them into our database. Our Christmas stock is already coming in, so we need to make room for the newest items. We will be closing out some items in the future. YOU WILL NEED TO WATCH OUR SALE PAGE FOR CLOSEOUTS . . . as they are posted.

Most of the line of our "Thomas the Tank Engine" is in stock. Our large shipment from Learning Curve has arrived. We now can boast that we have nearly every item in the line, in stock.

If you are into Dragon Action Figures . . .We Have Them! As I write this, I can tell you that we have nearly every one that has been made, in stock . . . For some figures, the price is excessive, but we are trying to get them at any cost. We do offer quantity discounts, even if you order as little as 6 figures. Advance orders are always filled first.

As a Micro-Trains dealer, on the advance ship program, we get every new item as released. Check out our . . . HO. . web page for new items, as they are received. We try to post them the day they come in.

Just in case you missed it. We do now have a secure web order form. You can access it from the index page by clicking on the, "secure order form", or by going to Your browser will tell you that you are entering a secure area. We do not share this information with anyone. So, you can be assured that the information you provide is held in the strictest confidence. We do not store your information on our web server. The only way to send information securely is to use the order form. There is a box for miscellaneous information, if you need to give us directions regarding your order. Information sent via e-mail to depot@stratos is not secure.



NEWS NOTE: July 19, 2000

Just a note, to let everyone know what has been happening in DEPOTLAND. . .

New "Thomas the Tank Engine" items are on order and should be in shortly. When this order comes in, we will have 100% of Learning Curve wooden "Thomas the Tank Engine" items in stock. Check our store, or website, to find out when NEW items have arrived.

Latest DML ACTION FIGURE "Scott" has arrived and is currently shipping to advance orders. Call or e-mail if you need one.

Our Christmas orders with the manufacturers and distributors is already in progress, so check our clearance page as we close out discontinued items to make room for new stock.

As always, newest Micro-Trains Line items are arriving regularly. Advance order items you want and we will ship on arrival. Many items sell out quickly.

As we continue to work on improving our database and website, we need to know if you have any problem using it. If you have specific problem let me / Put website in the subject line.thanks, Tim B


NEWS NOTE: July 12, 2000

Just a note, to let everyone know what has been happening in DEPOTLAND. . .

New merchandise has been coming in faster than we can post it, but we are trying... We have changed "service providers" to INTERLAND, so we are hoping for much more reliable service for our customers. If you have had problems connecting to us, you know what we mean. I think we just outgrew our last provider's capability. We have a Verisign certificate and a secure site to implement it. As soon as everything comes together, we should have a on-line secure order form and the infrastructure to support it, before the end of the month. Could a shopping cart be far behind????. . . I have revised almost every page to be compatible with the new UNIX system, so a bit of a new look, but not much time for new additions. We are updating our database daily, but as a full time retail store, merchandise often moves very quickly, so call or e-mail if you see something you want.


Not much to say about what has come in. Just about everything that has been released has been shipped. We are now in the process of entering our "Christmas Orders", yes we do this in the Summer. So, look for clearance items, as I try to find room for the newest of items being shipped in the next 3 months. Yes, even we have a limit as to how much we can stock at any given time.. We hope to implement a "want list" for customers advance ordering items, that we know will be released. If you have interest, please e-mail me. Hope to update NEWSLETTER on a regular basis... Also, if you would like to be notified as a model or train item becomes available, let me know by e-mail, and I I will start a list for on-line customers, we do this for our in-store customers and it works out great for everyone. If you have any questions or positive comments call or e-mail to my attention . . . Tim B. . . or our store manager Loren . .

Noteworthy items:






Winter 1999

Greetings Depot Friends! On behalf of everyone here at Depot, we want to thank you for your support and friendship. In appreciation, we would like to invite you to stop by and take advantage of our "Customer Appreciation/ Warehouse Clearance Sale". We have a tremendous amount of inventory on hand, a lot of your old favorites as well as new "stuff" arriving daily!!! If you haven't been in for a while, you don't know what you've been missing. We have added NEW lines like: Elite Brigade, GI style solders, and others, so come in and say Hi!, and save some $$$$$. I know you all have been waiting for a SALE, so here it is.


Latest and Greatest for all modelers, plastic and trains. Microbrush bendable applicators for precise application of adhesive, solvents, and paints. Available in two sizes and both in stock. Tamiya Craft Tools are some of the finest we have seen for the modeler. We are stocking most in our tool department.

TRACK 1 ----- LIONEL O, O-27

New items, as well as Heritage are arriving. Some new items in 1/43 from Ertl are being produced and are in stock.


Walthers new Automotive Industry Series has started to arrive. We have received the book, stamping plant, and the headquarters building. We also have ordered Henry Fords First Factory. As an added incentive we are offering the Automotive book, as well as the Timber, or the Waterfront book at $29.98, (that's a $20.00 savings) with the purchase of any Automotive or Waterfront Series item. Speaking of Walthers, the remaining Water Front structures are on SALE at 25% off retail prices.


We are now a MICRO TRAINS dealer. What a great line they have. Customer response has been so good that we are now on pre ship on all new items. As it comes out we WILL have it at Depot


Polk- Aristo has just about shipped all their New figures. We have about 50+ different figures now in stock. We have some specials on Aristo that are about 50% off list. Check with us, quantities are limited.


We carry a full line of wooden ships from entry level to professional.

TRACK 6 ----- SCI-FI

Lots of your favorite kits are in stock. We have a decent supply of Star Wars for those of you who missed them when they first came out. NEWSFLASH: Polar Lights reissues of Creature and Wolfman both in stock; Star Trek, Yamaguchi lighted kit in stock. For you JUPITER 2 builders, we have both the dome lights and fusion core for the POLAR LIGHTS model in stock.


MARCO POLO'S "ADVANCE SCOUT" program has been a great addition to our EXCLUSIVE offerings at Depot. New arrivals from Tamiya, Monogram, Hasegawa and Dragon are coming in as soon as they're released. We have focused primarily on 1/35 scale armour and 1/48 scale aircraft. Military- This department has exploded! All the new kits from Tamiya, Dragon, Italeri, Ironside, and Minicraft are HERE!! We have in stock: Hudson & Allen, Warriors figures, Jordi Rubio, Chesapeake Models, Royal Model, Yanks Figures, Verlinden, On the Mark, Fruilmodel, and Modelkasten track. Custom Dioramics is discontinued, some remain in stock.


Everything is in stock! In case you haven't been paying attention: WE stock... Humbrol, Aeromaster, Gunze, Testors, Poly Scale, Floquil, and Tamiya.

To enhance our selections in our paint dept., we have added the MICROBRUSH line.

Woodland Scenics new 32 oz. Shakers for scenic material, Track-Bed, and SubTerrain System are now in stock.
We are also stocking the line of TAMIYA hobby tools. Some of the finest tools available. Only the best for you, from Depot Train and Hobby.







As always, plenty of 1/18 in stock. Lot's of NEW and still the best selections of DISCONTINUED ERTL.


We are keeping our stock of rocket supplies up to date through the season. Build them now, fly them later!

TRACK 11 ----- ODDS and ENDS

WHAT'S HOT!!! YO YO's.... We have them. We have the best stock and selection, in the area, of the best from YOMEGA, including the popular "BRAIN". Hopp'in kits: If you are looking for anything in "lowrider kits, we have more than anyone should have in stock. If it's a Dayton, or any wheel or accessory, we probably have it. NO ONE BEATS US ON OUR DETAIL PARTS, BE IT CARS, PLANES, TRAINS, OR TANKS.


 Mon, Thurs   10:00AM - 6:30PM
 Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat   10:00AM - 5:30PM
 Sunday   CLOSED . . /. . OPEN WINTER, Dec 1 - March 16, 12:00 to 4:00

Come back soon!

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